US 340 Rock Slide Repair Project

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Slope Remediation Plan

For this project, several types of slope treatments are proposed to address specific issues. These were selected based on the geology and types of slides which are occurring on the hillside.

Maintenance Scaling

Maintenance scaling will remove the loose rock from the slope using hand tools or small explosives to reduce change of rockfall impacts to vehicles.

Rockfall Barrier

Barrier provide rockfall protection by stopping rocks from falling onto oncoming traffic. This is generally a netting barrier that will catch the falling rocks before they can land on the roadway.

Localized Rock Bolting

Rock bolting involves anchoring a bolt into a hole to apply tension and secure the rock in place. Bolts will be placed in a patter that helps support the rock structure.

Rock Slope Drape

A rock slope drape uses a wire mesh net to help control the rocks as they fall. It is anchored at the top and draped over the unstable slope causing the rocks to fall in a more controlled manner.

Attenuator Barrier

The attenuator barrier acts like a crash cushion and is used to reduce damage to vehicles from falling rocks.

Attenuator Drape

The attenuator drape uses a drape to deflect the falling rocks and direct them to a designated runout zone. This is helpful in areas where there is a high frequency of rockfall events.