US 340 Rock Slide Repair Project

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About the Project

The US 340 Rockslide Project will implement rockfall protection and stabilization measures associated with the existing slopes along US 340 NB, while considering local traffic impacts and future development of the US 340 corridor.

Project Area Map

Project Map

Project Details

The project study area is approximately one mile long and is located along the northbound (NB) and southbound (SB) lanes of US 340 in Jefferson County, WV, in the Loudoun Heights region of the Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park and west of the West Virginia / Virginia border on the southern bank of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. US 340 is a high-traffic volume corridor serving local, commuter, and truck traffic from West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

This corridor also experiences high traffic volume from seasonal tourism due to its recreational and historical significance in the region. The existing cut slopes in the project study area are a product of US 340 construction in the mid-1950s and natural erosion along the Shenandoah River. The cut slopes and the exposed rock of natural slopes vary in height from 150 feet to greater than 300 feet above the roadway. The cut slopes in the project study area exhibit varying degrees of rockfall activity that present potential hazards to the traveling public and require ongoing maintenance by the WVDOH.

Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment prepared to identify natural, cultural, and socioeconomic resources within the study area and assess the impact to these resources associated with the proposed slope remediation. This included:

  • Bat Portal Assessment

    Not Present/No Impacts

  • Wetland

    Not Present/No Impacts

  • Section 4(F)

    Temporary Occupancy

  • Section 106

    No Adverse Effect

  • Visual Impact Assessment

    No Adverse Effect